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Don’t ruin your wedding rings at the gym!

silicone rings

 silicone ring

When my husband proposed he gave me the most beautiful wedding band I have ever seen. He had it custom made, and it is so so so special to me. But I don’t want to lose my diamond, my ring, or the tiny wedding bands that we later purchased.  For years I would simply take my rings off before heading to the gym, washing dishes, or out for an adventure… but I was tired of looking “single” just because I didn’t want to lose my precious bands.

I have been using our gym so much lately, and let me be honest – its not that guys were oogling at me, but I just felt… weird, not having any proof of my marriage clearly on my hand. So I thought about trying out a silicone ring. OH MY! my life has been changed forever. Ha Ha Ha. Maybe not quite so drastic, but honestly, I feel so much more confident wearing an inexpensive silicone ring on my ring finger. I hate to admit it, but I probably wear my silicone ring more than my wedding ring at this point. The ring I found came in a pack of multiple colors, so I can even change the color to match my outfit – SCORE for cuteness!!

So if you are like me, active and married, maybe you want to try a silicone ring. I can’t tell you the emotional relief I feel and the confidence I feel as I go about my daily life with proof of my happy marriage on my finger! There’s just something protective about it that I appreciate. It makes me happy!

I thought I’d share the rings that I purchased incase you were looking to find the same small joy in a simple ring that’s adaptable to pretty much any environment.


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