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Weight Loss Resistance

Weight Loss can be so frustrating the older you get. But is it because we are older? Or have our bodies build up more junk that prohibits our systems from working the way we were first designed? How can we get our body back to “factory settings”?

If you have never heard the word weight loss resistance, let me assure you – its not for those lazy folks looking for an excuse why they aren’t losing weight. It isn’t a trick, it is a real effect of what’s going on internally that we simply cannot see. So often our body is signaling to us that something is wrong, but we aren’t listening.

Holistic Health Coach, Kim Pollock, explains why the Plexus Triplex Combo is beneficial to our overall health:

“It is my opinion that your health depends on three things that are offered in the Plexus TriPlex…

If your Blood Sugar is stable your…

-energy will soar, 
-hormones will stabilize, 
-mood will improve and 
-sleep will become more restful.

If your Gut is Healthy…

-Your Immune System will be strong, 
-You will likely not feel anxious or sad, 
-Your brain fog will disappear, and 
-Your skin will glow.

If you Reduce Inflammation in the body your… 

-pain will go away
-body will not be stressed, and your body is armed to prevent illness.

Plexus has an amazingly easy system that will help stabilize your Blood Sugar, improve your Gut Health, and decrease Inflammation:

1) SLIM~Pink Drink 
2) BioCleanse
3) ProBio5 for your gut

No diets. No deprivation. Eat Healthy. Just a plant based PINK powder to mix with water in the morning and 2 supplements to take for your GUT~ Couldn’t be easier.”

Watch this interview with Dr. Jessica Hoogendoorn, Naturopathic Doctor and GAPS Practitioner as she tells us more about what weight loss resistance looks and feels like.

And watch as I expand on this topic with solutions to weight loss resistance.

So, Lets talk!
What is Plexus all about? 
Gut health, healing, and getting to the root causes of our issues.

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