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How to Detox

Our body speaks to us! But how can we decode the signals and help the functions of our body to process the way they were intended? Lets talk about how to detox; why and how a detox can help the body get back on track.

What if your body is trying to call out for help – is a detox the way to go? Sometimes, yes. So lets talk DETOX

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While we are chatting about detoxing lets break this word down into some meaningful portions to chew: first we need to break down junk, second we need to flush out the junk, and third we may need to pull out more junk. Now, how can we go about this?

First, probiotics are ideal for scavenging and breaking down the biofilm which encases the toxins in your gut. These probiotics are my favorite.

How the Brain, Gut and Blood Glucose levels affect the whole body: love this video!

Second, there is a misconception that breaking down the junk is all we need to do. But this is actually very dangerous. We need to aid the body as our liver and kidneys try to flush out this mass extermination. Magnesium is the BEST natural ingredient to do this. Magnesium aids in over 200 body functions, did you know that? Did you also know that over 70% of people (mostly women) are deficient in magnesium. YUP. So there are tons of great reasons to consume magnesium – but the key today is – to flush out the junk those probiotics worked so hard at breaking down.

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Without a flush, you are risking a blockage in your liver or kidneys, lets avoid that, ok? Can someone say kidney stones? YUP, again – magnesium.. magnesium… have you heard me yet? MAGNESIUM is REALLY important!

Many of us have so much junk that even the magnesium needs some help. Magnesium has a flushing effect, however how can we pull the junk out? Coffee enemas, gasp!, are a very powerful way of helping your body get through a detox quickly and with less symptoms. I love this in-depth walk through on why and how for coffee enemashttp://www.mygutsy.com/the-ultimate-liver-detox-coffee-enemas/

I’d love to help you journey through getting healthy; to personalize each step! Email Me and lets chat about your personal goals, and how you can achieve them!

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