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How can you help your Skin Microbiome and stop skin problems?

This is part 3 of our Skin series. If you didn’t get a chance to checkout part 1 or part 2, I encourage you to do that. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Let’s dive into your skin…

In part 3 of our skin series, we are going to really take a look at some key questions, questions that are truly going to impact your skin for the better! Lets outline these questions, and you can use the bullet points below to click and read what is most important to you.

So what are you going to do to keep your skin microbiome healthy?

  • What could a detox do for your skin?
  • How can hydration impact your complexion?
  • How do probiotics affect skin problems?
  • What symptoms should I be looking for?
  • How does what I eat impact my skin?

What could a detox do for your skin?

If the effects of our skin is based on environmental factors + the nutritional value of our body, then detoxing the gut, allowing for the body to be in-balance is a huge way you can improve your skin.  *Whether you deal with rash, pimples, acne, or psoriasis, these are ways your system is trying to purge itself from waste. Each person’s body tries to rid itself of waste differently – if you have always been prone to skin issues – your body may have a natural inclination to use the skin (our largest organ) to rid itself of waste, while my body might not use the skin as a primary means of elimination, your body might. Skin problems are really symptoms or signs that there are some major things going wrong internally.

Skin problems usually point to either an overwhelmed bowel, or too much yeast in the system.  A detox, when you help your body either flush out the toxins, or if you are pulling the toxins out, helps rid the body of the yeast, and buildup in the bowels. The best way to detox is to begin with probiotics, and match those products with either a Keto diet, liver cleanse, and/or coffee enemas. Together these 3 pack a powerful punch and have the ability to provide you with tremendous results.

I love this video “How Detoxing can repair your skin; fasting & cleanses”

How can hydration impact your complexion?

Before we talk about how much water to drink, can we take a moment to talk about how you’re cleaning your face? Cleansers can be pretty damaging to the moisture on your skin. I beg you – consider the ph Balance of the products you are using: even ph5.5 and beyond can be causing inflammation, drying out your skin, and increase swelling of the skin. Lets even go as far as to consider beyond the face – what is the ph balance of your body wash or soap? These are easy ways to keep your body from drying out.

Drinking water, nourishing from the inside-out is a great way you can control the appearance of your skin. Remember your skin is a reflection of you gut – so the water you drink is really helping flush out the waste in your body. Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in water ounces every day. Avoiding chemicals in your water is really important too – so if you haven’t considered it, you might want to look into a filtration system like this.

How do Probiotics affect skin problems?

By now we have begun to see the relationship between our gut and our skin. So it’s only natural to make the connection that probiotics can help break down the waste in our gut, encouraging toxins to flow out of our body through the digestive track. But there is ANOTHER IMPORTANT reason why we want to consider probiotics. Not just eating or drinking them – but actually putting them ON our skin! Whaaaat? Yes! If our microbiome colonies on the skin need to grow, work, and thrive, we need to feed them. Giving our skin live organisms aka probiotics, to keep the bad bacteria in balance is a revolutionary way of helping our skin. I trust these skincare probiotics.

Now before we move on, can I touch on prebiotics for a second? These little guys feed probiotics, prebiotics also help stimulate certain bacteria in the gut and were found in scientific research to to reduce infant eczema, and were found to treat and prevent dermatological diseases (Vaughn). My naturopathic doctor and many friends have helped me see the impact on kids and adults. I give my kids this prebiotic drink every morning.

What symptoms should I be looking for?

  1. Acne
  2. Actinic Keratosis
  3. Atopic dermatitis
  4. Blisters
  5. Cellulitis
  6. Cold Sores
  7. Contact Dermatitis
  8. Cradle Cap
  9. Diaper Rash
  10. Eczema
  11. Hives
  12. Lupus
  13. Psoriasis
  14. Rashes from Allergies
  15. Rashes from Bacterial or Fungal Infections
  16. Rosacea

You should know, the list is not limited to only these 16 possible signs.

*Ask your doctor– is there is something bigger going on INSIDE your body, presenting itself on the OUTSIDE (through your skin – color, elasticity, moisture, healing ability, density, etc)…

*Ask your doctor how diet, probiotics, hydration, and sun protection can impact symptoms.

How does what I eat impact my skin?

I love this quote from the World Journal of Dermatology:

“The intimate relationship between the gut and skin is undeniable” (Vaughn).

What you eat either nourishes your body, provides nutrients, hydration, or energy, add to the culture of breaking down waste… or it doesn’t. The root issue is often, admittedly, our modern-diet. Our modern-diet is full of sugar which throws off our blood-insulin levels, which in turn confuse the gut-brain-gut connection, throwing off numerous bodily functions. The modern-diet full of carbohydrates is just another name for SUGAR diet. The modern-diet full of processed foods and chemicals are creating a buildup of toxins that simply cannot be broken down. Probiotics are the #1 most valuable elements to helping offset what we are eating.. ferments, yogurt, kefir, probiotic and prebiotic supplements – are all super important in helping your body deal with the modern-diet. For a full list of foods TO EAT, click here.

How does the environment wear down my skin?

skin problems

Let’s focus on the #1 environmental factor affecting your skin – the sun. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard of UV rays. UVA rays are getting a lot of attention because scientists have identified that they play some vital roles in causing cancer to your skin cells. The UVA rays are strong enough to penetrate into skin layers beyond just the surface skin, AND UVA rays break down the collagen in your skin. Collagen is responsible for elasticity, so the results you often see are wrinkles, saggy skin, and inflamation. And there’s more,… when you skin gets attacked by UV rays, the skin tries to protect itself by hardening. YUCK!

So what can you do? *My naturopathic doctor suggests an EDIBLE sunscreen. But if you don’t have time to make your own, this is my go-to… and I love this one for my kids. I like that this brand is effective, safe, and also isn’t greasy. While also providing long-lasting protection.


*Please see your doctor to discuss any new regimen you might be inspired to try. 


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