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Skin comes from the inside: foods for healthy skin

I love this quote from the authors of Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging: “Beauty comes from the inside.Its scientific. So how can we aim for beauty, for smooth skin, moisturized lips, and hands, and a glowing complexion, and ignore the science? Nutrition plays a huge role in the way our inner body looks on the outside. So what are the best foods you can eat for your skin? Let’s break down the science & answer this question…

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Another trending name for the way our skin looks, feels, and is made up is called your “skin microbiome.” Have you bought into the idea that the way your skin LOOKS is impacted by nutrition?

The microbiome is a great way to describe our skin- because it makes me think of bacteria (good and bad), of cells that are alive, of cells that need nourishing. All of these are great ways to think about how you can impact your skin.

I love this article detailing how to take care of dry skin because that’s really one of the biggest symptoms of an unhealthy “inside”. The gut-connection to our body is amazing – and the skin is often one of the easiest to spot reflections of our gut health. Healthy gut? You’re going to have healthy skin – nourishment comes from what we eat, as well as what we place onto our skin microbiome. (I just can’t use that term enough – it holds so much more weight and importance than simply “skin”) Skin Microbiome.

Did you know your skin is your second largest elimination organ, only second to the liver. So if you can help your body rid itself of waste buildup, or yeast overgrowth (did somebody say “candida”) you can take the burden off of your skin! Doing so now can help restore your skin, not just stop the continued effects. Foods have the ability to detoxify, hydrate, and provide energy to our skin cells. Have you thought about the effects of the foods you eat? Checkout this detox video:

So what are you going to do to keep your skin microbiome healthy?

What could a detox do for your skin?

How can hydration impact your complexion?

How do probiotics affect skin problems?

What symptoms should I be looking for?

How does what I eat impact my skin?

How does the environment wear down my skin?

These are all questions I hope you are asking yourself. Because they all pave the path to a healthier, more supple, skin. And don’t forget, the skin’s ability to repair itself falls into this conversation too!

All of these questions are answered in Part 3 of our Skin Series.

So what should I be eating to help my skin look its best? Checkout the best foods for your skin:

foods for healthy skin

  • Grass-fed Collagen (like this one): to improve elasticity and ward off wrinkles.
  • Bone Broth (I cannot say enough about this incredible book, detailing how): for collagen, nourishment, and bringing down inflamation
  • Probiotics: looking for diverse and powerful strains) to break down the waste and yeast in your system. I love this homemade yogurt kit.
  • Prebiotics: to feed those important probiotics. My favorite drink mix contains these little worker bees.
  • Magnesium: essential to helping your body flush out waste through the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. Oh and by the way if you don’t consume calcium alongside magnesium, it cannot bind and won’t help. So make sure you are doing these together. I trust this magnesium supplement.
  • H20. Water. Agua. (and lets just slip Watermelon in here too, since its chalk full of water) Yep – it’s vitally important to the function not just of nourishing and hydration your skin, but it plays a role in your body’s ability to flush out waste. Watchout for chemicals in your water, ensure you are getting pure water with a filter like this, my cousin has it and it’s currently on MY Christmas list!
  • Green tea: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The drink mix that I mentioned above also contains green tea extract, so I consume this at the start of every day!
  • Fruits and Veggies: berries, yellow peppers, oranges, kale, and the other brightly colored fruits and veggies are known for antioxidant properties. Aim to eat these and look for diminished wrinkles.
  • Tomatoes: rich in lycopene, which means these nutrients, when absorbed, provide the skin with UV protection.
  • Avocados, Olive Oil, Walnuts & Salmon: rich in antioxidants that calm inflammation, these foods also contain necessary fatty acids impacting your body’s ability to keep moisture in and irritants out. These omega 3’s are full of amazing collagen.
  • Pomegranates: this fruit impacts that healthy glow you are aiming for.


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