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Eating for Healing

It’s amazing when you consider that what we put INTO our body, impacts the way our body functions.  Yet it makes so much sense, right? What we eat either can heal or hurt.

So with that said, what can we do: Healing can come from the inside out! 

When I began working toward inner healing, I think the biggest surprises I encountered were that I “didn’t know how bad I felt, until I didn’t feel so bad anymore.” I had no idea I was as sick as I was until I was actually HEALTHY.

Eating for healing is a truly wonderful way to reach that “reset” our bodies need. We have all been exposed to factors such as antibiotics, processed foods, cleaning chemicals, fresh paint, smog and other environmental factors that just aren’t “natural.”

So the effects these elements have on our systems is severe, because we were not designed to consume or be exposed to any of these.

But this is our modern life, so what can we do to help our body heal naturally to these unnatural causers?

  1. Providing your body with diverse and powerful probiotics
  2. Easing the damage of these unnatural factors on our body… enter “eating for healing.”

Probiotics are KEY to our body’s natural way of processing. Probiotics balance the good and the bad bacteria in our body. Whether its a fermented, or cultured food, these little probiotics are ALIVE, and key to our health. Luckily, probiotics also work to break down S U G A R S (which are waaaaay too prevalent in todays foods; but we can talk about that another time) and processed foods, gluten (like the modern day unsprouted, quick rise grains), GMO pesticides, environmental chemicals, and toxins we come in contact with. Yay probiotics! You rock!!! But how much can we expect of you….

Eating for healing means eliminating things that the probiotics would normally spend all of their efforts on. So that the probiotics can work toward the jobs they were designed for- keeping the bad bacteria at bay, supporting immunity, and digestive functions. 

So by avoiding grains and sugars, GMO, and processed ingredients, you are allowing the probiotics you consume to work on “yesterday’s junk” which has built up in your system. If you choose to consume these items, the probiotics will work on what you came in contact with today, rather than the junk that has built up from yesterday and all the days before…

In addition (as if that wasn’t convincing enough), when you avoid sugars, grains, GMO, and processed foods, your body can rest, the internal inflammation they cause will subside, and provide another level of relief for this wonderful body who works so hard for your happiness.

So in a nutshell, probiotics CAN break down these inflammatory things, but avoiding these inflammatory foods until you reach a level of healing and balance is key to ever reaching HEALING and BALANCE.

For a simple guide to anti-inflammatory eating, checkout the Keto Diet. 

Looking for probiotics for kids?

This is my favorite adult probiotic!

Looking for probiotics for kids?
My favorite adult probiotic!


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