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Dry Winter Skin

Does the winter just wreck your skin?

For example,  I used to actually BLEED. My hands would get so dry. And my elbows? they were scratchy year-round. But I have to admit, though I live in a high dessert, my skin isn’t as dry as it used to be.

That’s not the climate talking – that’s a healthy body’s response to a dry climate.

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What can you do?

1. First,  Probiotics, especially if you can get probiotics FOR your skin, not just for your gut. (More on how probio’s impact your skin in Part 2)
2. Second, Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces, every day
3. Third, Eat a diet filled with good fats (avocados, dark chocolate – yup I just gave you permission!!, chia seeds, nuts-almonds are the best, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil)
Similarly drier skin in the winter, could simply be on the spectrum of eczema. Yup! You could be thinking it’s simply the dry weather, but really it could be the health of your skin. Just another great reason why you should add good bacteria in (and on) your body.
Likewise, last mention – kids. They get dry skin too, but should they? Their little bodies haven’t “aged” the way ours have. So why are kids getting dry skin? You might want to consider getting them tested for allergies. Or begin a probiotic regimen for kids, because probiotics can have a huge impact on the body of our kids. Creating a body full of good bacteria, is key. Plus we want to relieve our kids from the internal burden of allergens, just attacking their systems.
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