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Money and Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, “money has been the top cause of stress… since 2007” (Prahl). And according to the Dave Ramsey website “The number one issue couples fight about is also a topic many couples avoid discussing — money” (Cole). And truthfully, I’m certain you aren’t that surprised to hear these statistics.

money and stress

I really don’t think I have to substantiate why we are discussing the connections between debt and stress. But I would like to empower us with the real mental health effects of debt. And ways to overcome both the mental health aspect, as well as strategies for shedding those financial shackles.

So how can we get on top of these tough issues? How can we avoid the stress that we feel surrounding money, finances, and spending?

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Grief and Tough Stuff
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Grief and Tough Stuff

I really want to take some time, and recognize that though we are constantly trying to improve our lives, that doesn’t mean that life is easy, without heartache, and without trials. We are all going to experience grief and tough stuff, things that generate feelings of sadness, despair, and heartache. Feelings that truly make us feel like we have no control over life.
This week I’m reminded that October is pregnancy and infant loss month. But I’d like to share that there are so many areas of life that cause grief, even if this particular grief area isn’t one you carry.

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The Value of Simplicity

Have you felt lately like you are rushing around, spending all of your time getting kids from one event to the other, cleaning up the clutter in the house, and just feeling overwhelmed with all that’s on your to-do list? Consider this – you don’t have to do it all.

simplify bible verse

Now pause. I understand. I know there is a balance… between the experiences your kids have, and the alternative – family time. There is a balance… between getting in a workout, and the alternative – cleaning up the house.

Every day we have to make choices. I love this quote “the more choices we make, the less willpower we have.” Let that sink in for a moment. Reread it, I’ll wait.

So if our day is filled to the brim with choices, and commitments, and cleaning, and decluttering, we will certainly find ourselves wiped out. UNFULFILLED, when we are striving to BE FULFILLED. We are actually losing the exact thing we are seeking.

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So You’re Shaking and Pill Taking, but how do you keep everything straight?

pill organizerI’ve been right there with you – all of a sudden you have a new regimen, or you’re failing at your current one, so you need some help. I just love great gadgets and I wanted to share a few of my favorite gadgets that help me stay healthy…