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Breakfast Sandwiches for the Freezer

breakfast sandwiches for the freezer

Ski season is upon us, which for us means we leave the house at the crack of dawn, and need some substantial energy for a long day on the slopes. For you this might mean you need fuel to get you through your work day, or through your kids school day, or your kids sports schedules. Whatever “ski season” looks like to you, I have the perfect make-ahead, healthy and sustaining, breakfast solution: Breakfast sandwiches from the freezer.

These incredible breakfast sandwiches can even be a simple crowd pleaser for breakfast or brunch! Hey, I think I’ll be making these for our homeschool group next week, thanks for the great idea!! 😉

freezer breakfast sandwiches

I’m going to share the recipe first, and at the bottom I’m going to share some tools that I use to make this so so simple!


Did you notice I do not have an ingredient list? You didn’t miss it, its just that this recipe is so easy to customize I want you to consider what you love, and use that!!

Begin by heating your oven to 350ºF. Then spray the biggest sheet pan you have with cooking oil spray. You’re going to need to whisk 12-18 eggs. I prefer my handy-dandy Kitchenaid Hand Mixer. It makes them so fluffy!

Now here’s the fun part.

My children prefer just a sprinkle of salt and garlic powder to their eggs. But now is the time, if you would like to add cubes of ham, diced onions and peppers, or any additions that you like. Think of an omelet and go nuts-o!

Cooking Your Breakfast Sandwiches

Pour your eggs into your sheet pan. I have this amazing 15″x21″ sheet pan, and I can cook 18 eggs in it. Start with your sheet pan and 12 eggs. You can always crack a few more, whip them up with your hand blender or whisk, and pour them in.

What are you aiming for? You want the eggs to cover the sheet pan completely. I recommend (for reheating later) that you eggs are no more than 1/2 inch deep.

If you forget to add salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, etc – you can sprinkle it evenly on your eggs now. (admittedly, it totally happens to me all the time!) 

Cook at 350º for 25-30 minutes.

If you are serving your eggs to a hungry crowd this morning – go ahead and make sure the eggs have lost their jiggle. However, if you are going to store these wonderful eggies for on-the-go breakfasts, I recommend having them a tad under-done. Why? Because they will cook again when you microwave them.

**Notes- if you are going to add cheese, simply top your eggs after they finish cooking. Both a slice or shredded cheese work great.
**You can also add a slice of ham or lunchmeat at this time.

Once your eggs are cooked

Allow your eggs to cool on your sheet pan. Then, using a pizza cutter, divide into squares. I aim to cut my eggs to match the size of my bread of choice.

Our 3 Favorite Bread Options for these sandwiches:

  1. English Muffins
  2. Bagels
  3. Hawaiian Rolls
  4. Toast (Side Note: have you seen my homemade bread post? here)

Storing Your Breakfast Sandwiches

breakfast sandwiches freezer

Once your eggs are divided and cooled, make sure to slice your bread into a top and bottom piece (basically do this for any bread option with the exception of “toast”). Don’t you just LOVE how flexible these breakfast sandwiches for the freezer can be?

Now you will need wax paper. No seriously, I’ll wait – go get that wax paper. It is KEY to making sure your bread and eggs don’t become one frozen lump. Why? Because the eggs will reheat at about 1 minute to 2 minutes per square (depending on how thick you made them). And your bread will reheat in about half that time.

You can watch me showing how to layer your sandwich in my video, or you can keep reading.

Lay a thin, long piece of wax paper down, lay first your bottom bread, then fold the wax paper over, then lay the egg, then fold the wax paper over, then lay the top bread piece down, and place your breakfast sandwich into a plastic baggie, label, and pop into the freezer. I have to say it again, we just looooove these breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. They are so handy for mornings, and the best part is that I can feed us healthy food, without worrying about leaving dishes in my sink!

Happy Mama!!!!

breakfast sandwiches for the freezer

As promised, here are my favorite tools to making these eggs!

This sheet pan is the BEST – we use it for pretty much everything – making cookies, baking biscuits, homemade sliders in bulk, and it actually works really fantastic for my kids lego sets. Ha Ha Ha!)

I love this large pizza cutter
but I will admit this little bicycle one is so darn fun that when the kids are helping cook, they always use it!

These are my favorite mixing bowls! The silicone bottoms are absolutely awesome and the little handle is a perfect touch – they easily stay put even when I am using my KitchenAid hand mixer in them! And they have a pour spout that is sooooo handy! And I know its crazy, but we can’t stand glass nesting bowls in our house – they are so LOUD. Like SERIOUSLY drives us nuts! I had a full set and I simply gave those glass bowls away, and these.. oh these wonderful bowls have become our favorite for life!

Well there you have it! A lot of great tips for helping you find healthy options for mornings or a crowd pleaser for your next social morning! I hope you truly enjoy these tips and this recipe!

If you like the ease of having delicious food on the go, check out my article on Meal Replacement Shakes!

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