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Big Batch Spaghetti Sauce

I absolutely LOVE cooking spaghetti sauce in my 18-qt electric roaster. Side note – I use my roaster for so many glorious meals! Thanksgiving turkey – frees up my oven and cooks the most succulent, soft, juicy bird – YES PLEASE! I also love cooking soup and chili for a big party! Imagine how often you use your crock pot – and then think “what if I had 3 crock pots for that delicious food… and wala… you discover the electric roaster. Ok – back to the Spaghetti Sauce recipe!

I’m going to admit something right from the start – this sauce uses canned tomatoes. I teetered between the option of purchasing tomatoes versus purchasing spaghetti sauce… and the perfect middle ground is purchasing canned tomatoes – and cooking them wonderfully, in to a thick and full flavored sauce!

So here it is! Adapted from Life as a Mom’s recipe.


1/4 Cup Olive Oil (or substitute Avocado Oil)

2 Large Onions

4 Garlic Cloves (more or less according to your preference) (may substitute 1 tbsp Garlic Powder)

336 ounces Diced Tomatoes (these are my favorite)

3 cups of Water

1/2 bunch fresh Parsley (or 1/4 cup dried parsley)

5 Oregano sprigs (or 1 tablespoon dried oregano)

2 Tbsp Dried Basil

Optional: Red Pepper Flakes to taste

Big Batch Spaghetti Sauce Recipe:

Open your tomatoes and pour slowly into your roaster. Also add your water at this time. Set the temperature to 300°F.

Chop the onion and garlic. You will finish your recipe by blending your finished sauce, so please do not worry about perfectly diced onions and chopped garlic.

Heat a skillet on medium heat. Add your olive oil, onion, and garlic and place the lid on your skillet. The idea is to allow the vegetables to infuse into the olive oil. Once translucent transfer the veggies and oil into your electric roaster.

Now is the perfect time to add your herbs and spices, sprinkling evenly all over the top of your sauce.

Allow your spaghetti sauce to cook at 300° for around 8 hours, stirring only if needed.

Then turn your heat down to 200° for the remaining 16 hours, stirring as needed.

When the flavor is to your liking you may begin spooning batches of your wonderful sauce into a Vitamix (or other blender of choice).
*If you prefer your sauce thicker, simply take the lid off your roaster and allow to thicken.

Tips for blending
1. The sauce is HOT so please be careful. You can allow your sauce to cool before mixing, if you prefer. Please, only fill your Vitamix half full; you do not want to burn yourself with the heat + pulsing.
2. Pulse only. You can make your sauce completely smooth. Or chunky. Pulse to reach your preferred consistency.
3. Once you have your sauce perfectly complete, pour into glass mason jars for canning.

Substitutions and Tricks

For Canning:
You can use a water bath canner, or a pressure cooker (sorry, an Instapot, while pressure cooking, does not have the ability to actualyl seal food in a canning-capacity). Use the Ball Jar Canning Guide to adjust time to your altitude and canning method.
This is my favorite pressure canner: All American.
And this is my water bath canner. I’ve had it for years and it works great.

Do not stress if after you can your sauce there is some separation. I promise the minute you open your sauce to use, stir, and it’s perfect again!

For Freezing:
Allow your sauce to cool completely. You may fill mason jars (leaving 2 inches head space to account for expansion), or freezer ziplock bags.
I highly recommend double bagging your sauce and lying it flat – a freezer storage must!

If you are going to freeze, I prefer this handy baggie holder.

The Most Important Tip I Can Give: Portion your sauce into sizes similar to what you will actually use.
Do you have a big family? It’s ok to use half gallon mason jars, or fill gallon ziplock bags. But if you have a smaller family, use quart mason jars, or if you are single, simply use pint jars. There’s nothing worse than taking all day to cook this wonderful sauce, and throwing out leftovers when you actually go to use this glorious goodness.

The second most important tip? LABEL. I know it sounds silly. But a label goes a long way once frozen or canned. I always include the date as well. I am obsessed with my handy Dymo label maker!


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This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy.This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my affiliate policy.

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