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About Me Jordyn Bibiloni

Welcome to Cultivating Health & Happiness!

This blog is a collection of inspirational articles;

a wonderful extension of the C.H.H. social networks

that provide ACTIONABLE solutions.


My name is Jordyn Bibiloni. I was born to help and educate others. From early days of play I was always taking care of my dolls, playing teacher with my little brother, and I grew up to embody these two qualities, along with other characteristics… some I’m more proud of than others.

I love research, my first career was that of a Librarian, and I love health and wellness, graduating as a collegiate athlete I went on to become a personal trainer, coached a variety of high school and collegiate sports, and built a niche gym for females, before becoming a mom. As a mom, I realized my most important role has been to care for my family and my children, we homeschool, we adventure, and I have slowly weaned away from training, and I lean more toward educating people in health and wellness.

All of my previous experiences have drawn me right here, to you! As you enter my world of Cultivating Health and Happiness, you’ll find that every article though derived from multiple scholarly journal articles, is written in a way that is conversational, and understandable. Research can often be written in a language that is so unfamiliar to the common reader, that the impact of the data is lost. So, I break down this jargon and share ideas in ways that anyone can follow. And I hope the research inspires your daily living; whether it is to keep doing something, or make a change.



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