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Welcome to Cultivating Health and Happiness

I am so glad you are here. I love research, but of course, I know not everyone geeks out like I do. Most of all, I love sharing really great information… just ask my girlfriends, I’m always up for coffee and chatting. We are so busy though, and you’ve heard so many battles lately like

Vaccine! No, Don’t vaccine!

Plant based is key. No, Keto is the way to go.

Get involved with your kids! No, Stay home and simplify!

…The list is endless.

These strong opinions are driving you crazy, aren’t they? You probably just don’t know where you land on some of these issues. What is a person to do? Never fear, I’m so glad you are here. I know you love hearing what matters most, so here’s my promise. I’ll do the research (because again, I’m a nerd like that! He He He) and you can trust that I found every link from a scholarly source, and I believe what I’m writing.

Action+Research+Love = Cultivating Health & Happiness

While you’re here you better believe you will walk away with some clear action plans for your life, and if you don’t? Well then I need to do some rewriting. And sometimes, guess what? I do just that. I have rewritten quite a few articles because I felt like I went way too “librarian” on you and not enough “coach”. My kids have the same “why”-driven personality that I have, which means I’m used to making sure I have all of my facts straight before I share an idea (psssst I even have a source list at the foot of each article; I wasn’t kidding when I told you, I truly am a “why” kind of gal).

Ok, enough about what you’ll find, why don’t you dig right into the blog, or learn a little more about me and follow our other social platforms.



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Cultivating Health and Happiness